At APA, we believe that environmental, social, and economic sustainability is a necessary prerequisite for building a fairer, healthier, and more harmonious society in respect of current and future generations.
We fully share the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations and intend to make our contribution through concrete actions.


In 2004, when awareness of environmental issues and the concepts of sustainability were not yet widely spread, APA was already certified for its commitment demonstrated since its foundation on these topics.

In order to conduct its activities and produce its products with full environmental respect, an Environmental Management System was adopted, obtaining certification of compliance with the most recognized international environmental standard, the UNI EN ISO 14001.

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Our Environmental

Use of
single-coated paper

For ease of recovery and recycling, the new “single-coated” paper was introduced alongside the “double-coated” paper.


Internationally pioneering, in collaboration with Italian
adhesive suppliers, we engineered and developed a water-based adhesive, thus reducing the use of traditional adhesive.


Agreement signed with the municipality of Pessano con Bornago to fund local
ecosystem mitigation and improvement projects.

UNI EN ISO 14001

Adoption of an environmental management system for managing interactions between businesses and the environment and transforming associated risks into opportunities for sustainable business development.

Ban on heavy metals

Three years ahead of the REACH regulation requirements, we eliminated pigments containing heavy metals (e.g., lead, cadmium, etc.) from our formulations.

Refrigerant gas replacement

Replaced the air conditioning/heating system
from the old refrigerant gas R 22 to the new non-ozone-depleting R 410A.

Dedicated line for water-based products

Launched a new production line dedicated exclusively to the production of items with water-based adhesive emulsion.

recovery system

Installed a heat exchanger on production facilities to recover thermal energy for heating production sites, warehouses, and offices.

Initiation of
recyclable laminates

Thanks to partners who share our sustainability and circular economy goals, it was possible to start recycling most of the production waste.

Detailed monitoring
of natural resource consumption

Installation of meters on methane-powered facilities
to perform detailed monitoring for the definition of efficiency strategies.

recovery system

Introduction of a distiller for the purification and reuse of exhausted solvent used in washing, cleaning, etc.

Thermographic survey

Since 2017, an annual thermographic survey has been conducted on the company’s electrical panels to identify anomalies and energy leaks.

New thermal
oxidizer installation

Installation of a new, latest-generation “BAT – Best Available Technology” regenerative low-energy consumption thermal oxidizer for air purification and process emissions.

Energy efficiency
in lighting

Replacement of all “classic” lighting fixtures with LED technology to reduce energy consumption and the consequent CO2 emissions
into the atmosphere.

Partnership with
PVC Forum Italia

Collaboration with PVC Forum Italia. An Italian association that brings together the main PVC production, compounding, and processing companies to support increasingly efficient

and innovative eco-friendly policies capable of ensuring consumer safety, environmental protection, resource efficiency, and greenhouse gas reduction.

Electric car
charging station

A choice in the name of sustainable development. To encourage “sustainable mobility” we have installed electric car charging systems and made them available to all our employees.

with VinylPlus

VinylPlus® represents the commitment of the European PVC industry to sustainable development, working to improve the sustainability performance of PVC.

PVC waste recycling

Collaboration with a certified entity that recycles and regenerates PVC waste film into Secondary Raw Material (SRM) to be reintroduced into the market in a circular economy perspective.

Compressed air process efficiency

Ultrasound investigation on compressed air circuits to
identify and resolve issues with a substantial reduction in energy wastage.

New hot air generator

In order to reduce the consumption of natural resources, we replaced the hot air generator with a more efficient latest-generation one.

Energy conversion

Started the conversion of production facilities to electric energy, integrating methane-powered hot air generators with electric battery generators.

Photovoltaic system

Installation of a system of over 600 kWp which allows the reduction of 300 tons of CO2 each year, equivalent to the
CO2 absorbed by 400 trees in 40 years.

FAI Corporate
Golden Donor

We support the Italian Environment Fund to back the protection activities of the Italian landscape and cultural heritage.

New ZeroPVC
options series

The innovative and complete solution for decorating walls, floors, signs, furniture, and wrapping designed to meet
the growing demand for PVC alternative materials.

Carbon footprint

Initiated a study project with our suppliers to quantify and report the direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions connected to our organization and some of our products.




The carbon footprint is a parameter that expresses the sum of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product, a service, or an organization. This indicator, generally expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalent, allows for determining the impacts that human activities have on climate change and, therefore, on global warming.

Determining the carbon footprint enables organizations to define and pursue decarbonization strategies more precisely for a more sustainable future.


Karting A.S.D.

For several years, we have been supporting the association “Wheelchair karting A.S.D.” by backing the Kart-therapy project, which aims to “guide people with disabilities towards the awareness that it is possible to re-engage, overcome their limits, compete with themselves and with life in achieving results previously deemed impossible.”

FAI – Fondo
Ambiente Italiano

APA S.p.A. supports the FAI – Italian Environment Fund through its membership in the Corporate Golden Donor program.

Close to FAI, we want to realize a great protection project which is also an ambitious cultural challenge: to make Italy a more beautiful place to live, work, and raise our children.

The landscape and cultural heritage that FAI safeguards and promotes indeed represents a unique capital in the world and the fundamental resource to invest in to revive, develop, and enhance our wonderful country. Thanks to the support of its many members, both private citizens and companies, FAI has been protecting and managing 71 Assets across the national territory for 49 years. Important historical, artistic, and landscape settlements saved from neglect, restored, protected, and opened to the public.

Every day, FAI commits to protecting and making accessible to all the splendid jewels of art, nature, and culture scattered across the countryside, cities, and coasts of our country; to educating and raising awareness among the community about the knowledge, respect, and care of art and nature and to acting as a spokesperson for the demands of civil society by monitoring and actively intervening in the territory.

To discover more about FAI and the membership, visit the FAI website.

Municipality of
Pessano con Bornago

For over 20 years, an Ecological Convention has been established with the municipality of Pessano con Bornago.

This agreement stipulates that, based on certain factors (e.g., waste production, resource consumption, atmospheric emissions), a portion of funds is allocated for mitigation and environmental improvement interventions in the territory.


At APA, we are committed to ensuring adequate working conditions in terms of health, well-being, and equality practices.

Since 2012, we have been certified to the BS OHSAS 18001 standard, and in 2021, we renewed our commitment by obtaining certification to the more recent UNI ISO 45001 standard, an international benchmark for occupational health and safety management.

One of the bets made that has led to exhilarating results is the constant inclusion of young people in the company’s workforce.

Enthusiasm, new ideas, and skills are just some of the qualities with which our organization has further strengthened.

For new hires, it has been an opportunity to find a stimulating work environment, to learn a profession by improving through training and high-level education.


Average age of employees