UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate

Quality policy

APA produces adhesive films and is for nearly forty years a major reference in the field of decoration and advertising graphics, pursuing the research and development of new high-tech solutions.

APA produces films suitable for covering any type of surface, thanks to a full range of plotter and printing films, glass and window decoration, textile personalization, the decoration of walls, furniture and interior design, and for wrapping, a market in which the company has proved to be a true pioneer.

All films derive from a constant search for innovative products, in compliance with the highest quality standards and the strictest standards, through an eco-sustainable production process, demonstrating the commitment of APA to protect the environment.

The current context in which the company operates is characterized by a high level of competitiveness, increasingly oriented towards the pursuit of valuable products of high value and technological content.

To effectively respond to the external and internal context factors in which the business is located, APA’s primary goal is to be recognized as an excellent and reliable provider of self-adhesive plastic film.

APA aims to consolidate and improve its position on the market to allow for constant growth and innovation of the company as well as profitability of the same, thanks also and above all to the increase of customer satisfaction.

This goal can only be achieved through an efficient controle and monitoring plan for the activities included in the production process – which must be stable over time and produce reproducible results – and a continuous improvement of the same and the company’s structure.

APA is committed to a constant effort to improve the company’s structure and processes since it is convinced that the “Quality” of the product depends heavily on the “Quality” of the business processes and in particular the Research & Development and production process. In this regard, the quality management system adopted by APA refers to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001.

It is a precise commitment of APA to pursue the goals by applying the procedures in force and respecting the established organizational system.

Periodic reviews of the quality management system set the specific objectives and measure the level of achievement.

APA is constinuously looking for a complete customer satisfaction by respecting product compliance to the customer’s needs, for example, quick and direct deliveries and the possibility to get personalised products for the decoration market.

In order to reduce the costs and improve the Quality APA is continuously engaged in the research of the non-conformity reasons and in the effort to operate in the prevention, minimising the needs of correction actions.

All this entails a full involvement of all the company-staff, that has to feel part of the results achieved through its contribution and has to grow-up with the company.

REV. 5– 20/03/2017

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