General sales conditions

General sales conditions

The sales made by A.P.A. SpA are governed by the following General Sales Conditions except those exceptions which are made under a separate written agreement.


1. Orders

Orders accepted by A.P.A. SpA are without obligation with respect to delivery times and quantities. Written orders are the suggested means of communication.


2. Deliveries

All goods are shipped at buyers risk, free or otherwise. Customers may designate their own forwarding agents, but A.P.A. SpA reserve the right to choose their own forwarding agents. On collection by the forwarding agents of the goods, the delivery terms are fulfilled. A.P.A. SpA is not responsible for any delays, wrong deliveries or damages made by the forwarding agents and will except no claims that may arise. APA S.p.A. is entitled to deliver 20%, more or less, of the order.


3. Prices and Terms of Payment

The prices quoted are net value free of taxes. Packaging is included. Delivery is not included unless otherwise agreed. All prices invoiced will be as published in the A.P.A. SpA current price list, which is valid on the date of delivery. Any other price will only be an estimate. Payment on delivery is expected on all first orders and according to the payment terms written on all invoices. If there is a delay in payment, A.P.A. SpA reserves the right to stop deliveries of any pending order. Payment cannot be delayed for any reason, including any claims that may exist. A.P.A. SpA will be entitled to charge interest on all overdue payments according to the current bank rate.


4. Delivery terms

Delivery terms are approximate and given in good faith. Any delays are not responsibility of A.P.A. SpA and will not be compensated in anyway.


5. Guarantee and Claims

All A.P.A. SpA products are guaranteed free from any manufacturing defects only. It is responsibility of the user to ensure the products supplied are tested and is compatible and meets the requirements of the process and application. The buyer must duly check the characteristics and the quality of the product and make any tests necessary prior to applying the product. For Digital products the buyer must proof the material on the printer with the relevant inks and software. All values and data given are based on tests which we believe to be reliable and are typical values intended as information only and do not constitute a warranty or guarantee. No salesman, representative, agent or distributor has authority to vary these terms. A.P.A. SpA may vary the quality of the product with out prior notice. No goods can be returned without the consent of A.P.A. SpA and without a returns number.


6. Responsibilities

A.P.A. SpA cannot be held responsible for:

  1. • damages for delivery of a different quantity then that ordered;
  2. • damages for loss of goods during the delivery;
  3. • damages or defects caused by any action or carelessness by any third party or customer;
  4. • damages caused by defective goods due to manufacturing faults if they are not claimed within 8 days from date of delivery.

No claims of any kind will be excepted by A.P.A. SpA which exceeds the value of the defective goods. The value will be that price on the relevant invoice. No claim or indemnity will be excepted by A.P.A. SpA due to force majeure such strikes, accidents fire, floods, terrorism or any other calamity.


7. Tolerances and additions

All self adhesive materials are delivered with a tolerance in the length and in the width of +/- 2%. Rolls can have joins which will be duly marked. In general there should not be more than one join in a roll.


8. Jurisdiction

Any dispute may be referred to the low-court of Milan. All clauses are governed as accepted, without reserve, and according to the article No. 1341 of the Civil Code.



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