The APA courses give you the opportunity to learn and develop the characteristics of the different materials and the best application techniques for each type of surface.

APA technicians will be at your complete and exclusive disposal to pass on their extensive experience, with the aim of always making you find the best solution to obtain excellent results.

The participation fee for all of our courses can be deducted from a subsequent order, thanks to the discount voucher issued at the time of registration.

Maximum 3 participants per company

Find the course of your interest and rely on the experience of our trainers, they will be able to recommend the best path that meets your learning or in-depth needs.

Master Car Wrapping

Learn to wrap like a work of the art and create your own style

Master Car Solar

Learn all the techniques for the blackout of car windows

Master Paint Protection Film

No more scratches: discorver all the secrets of the PFF

Master Boat Wrapping

Customise the interior and exterior of your boat

Master Interior Design

Become an expert in applying materials dedicated to interior desing

Master Graphics

Develop your professionalism with APA films