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APA Media for anti-viral protection
August 5, 2021

APA Media for anti-viral protection


APA has designed arange of transparentadhesive films for anti-viral protection

APA SpA is an Italian company that has specialised in the manufacture and sale of self-adhesive film in rolls, for plotters and digital printers for over 40 years. Mr. Emanuele Candio, Sales Export Manager, explains “Films for the decoration of sign sand shop windows, labels, clothing, wrapping and interior design are just a part of the wide range of APA products. We have over 30 different product lines and more than 1000 colours. We have direct relationships with our customer through a fast and tested channel and can ensure direct deliveries from our factory all over the world. ”He adds “Professionalism, competence, quality of materials and a constant technological research make APA a leader in the decoration sector. As we are all trying to safely resume activities and business during the pandemic, we believe these values as well as our certifications are very important.”

APA is a UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified company system. “This demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental protection as well as toits customers.  It shows we are constantly evolving with top-level quality standards.”


Self-sanitising film

APA has designed a range of transparent adhesive films that helps in environments with a large influx of people and wherehygiene and constant sanitation are essential. The range includes a standard version, an Air-Free FTX System and a removable product. “Applying our self-sanitising film allows companies to concentrate more on their business than constant cleaning. It also allows them to save on the use of detergents and adds agreat layer of environmental protection” says Mr. Candio. He adds “Our self-sanitising materials are ideal for restaurants and other commercial and hospitality settings. Other high traffic areas include on transport and at stations. Other areas where there are lots of people and good hygeine is essential includes hospitals, surgeries and other medical centres. This product is even suitable for offices and other commonly used places where people can gather and often touch”. APA’s antiviral film has been tested against SARS-CoV-2 and is applicable ona wide range of surfaces.
Mr. Candio concludes, “The anti-viral remains active for the entire life of the film, which provides great peace of mind for our customers. It is prepared and self-sanitised with in an hourand, like most of our products they are made in Italy. This transparent self-adhesive cast film is certified anddesigned against the transmission ofhuman Coronavirus and the proliferation ofthe most frequent bacteria”.