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New film range dedicated to interior decorations, the ideal solution for the renovation, valorisation and uniqueness of both the environment and furnishing designs.

Five maiden categories of film: COVER, CREATIVE, WALL, FLOOR and WINDOW, each of which easily adapts to any type of surface: furniture, white goods, walls, partitions, floors, glass panes and shop-windows.

Passion for excellence, technological innovation and farsightedness are the main factors that make the new INTERIOR DESIGN range a perfect solution for a renovation with style and personality.

- Revamp
- Enhance
- Customise

Artículo "www.apdigitales.com" - Junio 2018
APA anuncia dos nuevas películas fluorescentes...
Artículo "Pro Sign" - Junio 2018
APA presenta el film de nueva generación...
Eventi clienti
30-giu-2018 Evento "Notte bianca" a Comun Nuovo (BG), il 30 Giugno 2018
by Wraplab
8-giu-2018 Evento "Il gelato a... modo mio" ad Agugliano (AN), dal 8 al 10 Giugno 2018
by MC Carrozzeria www.mccarrozzeria.it
1-giu-2018 Evento "Notte Bianca" a Suzzara (MN), il 1° Giugno 2018
by Moviegraph www.moviegraph.it
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